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Principal's Message

Message to Parents

Dear Parents,


As we begin the next phase of our shift to the new Common Core State Standards, I believe that it is important to have a shared vision in order for us to align our work.  The vision of Coldwater Canyon Elementary School is that all children learn 21st Century skills to be college and career ready.  We are preparing our children for jobs that don't exist yet and to use technology that hasn't been invented.  In order for them to compete in  the job market of the future they need to be creative thinkers who can solve problems effectively.  The message that we communicate to our children now is as important as ever.  Here at Coldwater the message is that you are a scholar.  You come to school to learn.  You don't give up when the work gets hard.  You are a productive member of the school community and you always put forth your best effort.


Students who meet the new standards collaborate effectively, read and analyze literature in depth, write to explain and advance an argument, and use technology and language to learn and achieve.  Because of the demand of these new standards it is more important than ever before that you turn off the television and ensure that your child does his or her homework.  I ask that you read to or with them, talk to them about the day and engage them in conversations about interesting topics.  I ask that you make sure they get 8 or more hours of sleep a night and that you get them to school every day and on time.


I believe that children learn best when schools collaborate with parents as equal partners in their children’s education. I encourage you to participate in school events and join our committees, in addition to volunteering and serving in the parent center. My goal is to develop a welcoming environment for parents while offering you a variety of opportunities to partner with us to improve student achievement so that all students will graduate prepared for middle school and future career endeavors.




Cynthia Braley