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School Attendance

School attendance is vital to student achievement. Students who develop patterns of good attendance are much more likely to be successful both academically and socially. Schools are required to update attendance data and records during the current school year. Corrections and updates to attendance data and records are not allowed after the school year has closed.


It is the parent‘s/guardian‘s responsibility to provide documentation to verify absence within ten (10) days after the student returns to school in order to prevent absences from being recorded as noncompliant. 

Absences - Excused

Excused Absences: California E.C. 48205 provides that a student shall be excused from school when the absence is due to:

  • llness or injury of pupil
  • Quarantine
  • Medical, dental, optometric, or chiropractic services
  • Attending the funeral of an immediate family member e.g., mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister, or any relative living in the immediate household of the student (one day within the state, three days outside the state)
  • Illness or medical treatment of a child of whom the student is the custodial parent
  • Justifiable Personal Reasons is when the pupil‘s absence has been requested in writing by the parent and approved by the principal or designee. Absences that fall into this category include, but are not limited to:
    • Active military duty in combat zone (immediate family member; maximum three days)
    • Appearance in court o Attendance at a funeral service (extended days)
    • Attendance at a religious retreat (shall not exceed four hours per semester)
    • Entertainment industry (no more than five consecutive days or a maximum of five absences per school year)
    • Medical exclusion or exemption
    • Observance of religious or cultural holiday, ceremony, or secular historical remembrance
    • Religious instruction (attend a minimum school day no more than four days per school month)
    • Revoked suspension through appeals procedure o Participation in not-for-profit performing arts organization (maximum five days per school year)
    • Pre-arranged mental health services (Mental Health Day Treatment) A 2
    • Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day®

Notification of Truancy Letter

An automated truancy letter will be mailed to notify parents/guardians of students between the ages of 6 and 18 years when their child has accumulated three or more unexcused absences, early leaves and/or tardies of 30 minutes or more in the school year for which a valid excuse was not provided. Absences that meet this criterion will be counted toward truancy classification. If you feel this is an error, please contact the school from which the letter was generated. Corrections and updates to attendance data and records are not allowed after the school year has closed.



For more information regarding Attendance and other resources please see the Parent/Student Handbook.